Best ways to scale your holiday sales in e-commerce

The upcoming weeks ahead are filled with many shopping holiday sales in 2020 that give a wide range of chances to attract customers. In this article, we will show you several effective ways that will help you reach your goals in this holiday sale

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Key eCommerce shopping holidays in Q4

Although the spread of the pandemic has forced lots of businesses to shut down temporarily, online shopping saw a boom and expected to develop when holiday sales are coming up.

Check out several important eCommerce shopping dates

10–18 December                     Hanukkah

14 December                     Green Monday

15 December                     Free Shipping Day

24 December                     Christmas Eve

25 December                     Christmas Day

26 December                     Boxing Day (UK, Canada, Australia)

26 December–1 January       Kwanzaa

31 December                     New Year’s Eve

We will list down several actionable ways to help your online store get ready for the most awesome holiday shopping time of the year. Don’t miss it!

Create Strategic Holiday Marketing and Promotions

Create special holiday offers to engage your customer

Paying attention to holiday seasons in your marketing campaigns is really necessary to boost your retail sales.  

  • Implement special promotional strategies

Just remember that the majority of holiday shoppers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are eager for at least 20% off. Competitive holiday offers easily draw your target customers’ attention as well as drive traffic. Let’s think about some less attractive items with 80% off – an excellent option for doorbuster sale.

Upgrade your website interface with promotional banners

You should give detailed information about your deals, shipping, and deadlines on your promotion banner. If you run an online store on Shopify apps, you can add copy some code lines into your theme in order to create a site-wide banner.

Establish an intuitive landing page for your promotion campaign

Creating an intuitive and appealing landing page for all your offers ensures that your target audiences can find quickly what they need. Besides, you can drive your ads and emails to this landing page. You must minimize the friction that your customers could encounter to maximize the possibility of their conversion.

Add pop-up windows with coupon codes

Giving a special discount for the first purchase is a good way to make a great welcoming with your audiences.  Pop-ups are useful to cross-sell but could sometimes be annoying for your site visitors. Keep in mind that the power of pop-ups should be got wisely and carefully to provide the best user experience.

  • Discount or free shipping fee

Adopting free shipping or conditional shipping fee also drive more sales and conversions as well as attract potential customers. However, it has to fit with your profit margin in your retail price. If you’re confused, please observe your competitors and adjust your offering discounts. 

  • Holiday contests and giveaways

Get the most of social media tools or your store’s website to spread out your contests and giveaways. Specifically, you can create a simple and funny game on Facebook or Instagram or ask for customers’ feedback to win a perfect gift. 

Not only are you increasing your brand presence and boosting customer engagement, but you’re also promoting your products and deals you might be running during the biggest sale. This is why holiday contests and giveaways are always an effective strategy.     

  • Carry out the customer loyalty program

By putting your money into your existing customers and attracting your prospects, you’re adding extra consumer incentive and value to your online store. 

A good customer reward or gift card for the next purchase will be easy to use, place a higher value on your products, and increase member engagement and interaction. This way is useful to turn one-time holiday shoppers into life-long customers. 

Inspire urgency with text ad customizers

There is a wide assortment of vouchers and deals going on at the time of year. It makes your potential target audience easily get sidetracked. Although the power of ad customizers is undoubted, you should primarily set a clear deadline to inspire your last-minute customers to make decisions. Simply, you can add a countdown timer on your landing page to increase excitement.

Integrate your marketing efforts to boost your social media presence

It’s a great time to adopt different social media channels to boost your sales and your brand trust.

  • Reach out on social media channels

To increase your brand presence (before the biggest holiday sales event), you can post your deals on some popular social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on with #hashtag slogans. 

It helps you get the word out about your promotion and the reasons why shoppers should choose your store. Remember to pin your shoppable posts at the top of your fan page and redirect your visitors to your website. 

  • Paid advertising

Organic traffic is valuable but cannot make your presence outstanding in a saturated market. Getting started with Facebook or Instagram Ads helps you attract thousands of viewers where you just boost organic content.

Besides, organic SEO also improves your Google rank. Same to social media, Google Ads boosts both website and in-store visits. Your investment in paid advertising also helps drive traffic across channels.

  • Holiday emails

If having an email list packed with previous buyers and prospects, do not hesitate to announce early about any holiday promotions for the upcoming holiday sales. Additionally, you make use of automated email features to capture your customer’s attention beforehand.

Similarly, it also applies with email reminders about abandoned carts. A gentle reminder can increase customers’ demand promptly. If you don’t have your own email list, please start gathering it, retarget them in 2021, and cross-sell to them.  

  • Holiday texts with SMS

Another efficient way of connecting with customers you can consider is to send promotional text messages. Automated text message brings virtual contact to a new level of personalisation.

To conduct pre-built sequences and conversations available for cart abandonment, order confirmations, seasonal promotions, lots of brands take advantage of SMS marketing.

Selling, Shipping, and Fulfillment

To provide a smooth customer experience, you need to know clearly about where to promote your products and how to ship and fulfill an order. 

Expand your sales channels

Make sure that you implement on other digital sales destinations the same as you would your own eCommerce sites. You can put a little more into your reach to research these markets. 

To begin with, you can find popular sales channels such as eBay, Amazon to improve your brand presence and analyze demand in new geographies. Seeing how these countries perform before the target holiday sales will give you a good sign of where you may invest more in the future. 

Secure your customers with payment method options

Keep in mind that building a trust is the most important part, so all you need to do is make the payment process as familiar and native as possible.

Some surveys show that a large amount of abandoned carts stem from online customers who cannot utilize their preferred payment gateways. You can secure your customers by considering the reputable global payment gateway such as Paypal with its high security and purchase protection.

Ensure your clear return policy

A fair return policy can both enhance your customers’ loyalty and aid your operations. The biggest holiday sales are a time when any unexpected problems can occur. Several common issues are slow delivery time, wrong sizes, and so on.

Therefore, your return policy needs to be flexible and convenient to your customers. There’s a high possibility you could lose your sales if applying a strict return policy. 

Increase Your Customer Service and Support for Holiday Seasons

Offer quick support and respond to inquiries

Slow and non-dedicated customer support can impact negatively on customer retention and your customers’ conversion. Even when some problems occur, dedicated customer support can still make a good impression with your audiences. 

Don’t get too absorbed in generating sales, be certain to respond to all customers’ requests from 24 to 48 hours. Once you try your best to help your customer out, they will come to you every time they have a shopping demand.

Ask for feedback from your customers

“How do you feel about this experience today?” Sometimes, this simple question helps you get closer to your customers as well as know how to improve your products and customer service in the future. What’s more, don’t hesitate to incentivize your audience to leave their feedback by giving them a special offer.

Make your contact information prominent and easy to find

Another way of enhancing your brand trust is to add your proper contact information to your official channels. Moreover, you can create a transparent FAQ page including simple and quick answers for common questions. It also optimizes time and efforts for your customer support team.

Offer Your Best Store Experience to Your Customer

Expand your diverse products and descriptions

It’ll be great to apply cross-sell and upsell products during the holiday sale on various products, which creates a personalized shopping experience for your potential audiences.

  • Personalize your customers’ experiences through product recommendations

Based on the behavioural and contextual consumer data and purchase histories, you easily get to know about their needs. Suggesting the right products could inspire your customers and incentivize them to buy. 

Once the store owner understands the insights and the context of the holiday season, you simply lead your customers by giving the relevant product recommendations. It not only increases your overall conversion rate but also decreases cart abandonment.

  • Showcase your holiday products

What’s more, think of how you’ll show systematically and intuitively your products to avoid confusion for viewers. You must determine which products you’re going to promote in this holiday sale and whether your customers are interested or not. After that, you set a specific holiday category and can highlight your seasonal collection on the top of your site.

Optimize your websites

  • Test your site speed and your infrastructure

Especially, during the holiday sale, you have to check carefully so that your servers can deal with a dramatic increase in traffic and transactions. Keep your page load time not to exceed three seconds to ensure the acceptable bounce rates. Some useful ways of optimizing your load speed you can try are to optimize image sizes, reduce redirects, avoid installing too many plugins and applications.

  • Create a visual search interface

Intuitive and attractive website design can increase your brand awareness and your customer experience. In the search box, search results must be shown visibly, even as autocomplete options while you type. They are shown in an open sidebar as categories instead of a drop-down menu to combine all search filters.

Evaluate your platform integrations

Let’s check carefully whether your third-party integrations is up to date or not! Just remember to test and ensure they could control the load and then do not include any others. Extra add-ons on apps can slow down your site speed or break your process. 


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